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Letitia Monk Salazar, green & brown BOTANICA

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Letitia Monk Salazar, green & brown BOTANICA

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Self-care Cultivates Freedom

The term “self-care” is used a LOT in my practice. More often than not, the response it conjures is not one of empowerment, but of guilt. Responses include words like “try”, “should”, “I know”, “struggle”, “I don’t know when”, etc. The backstories of those responses are ideas of not being/doing enough and/or being responsible for the outcome of every detail, emotion, and choice of those around us. A dismal lack of boundaries muddles the concept, often accompanied by the remnants of trauma (societal/inherited trauma included). “Self-care” feels like ANOTHER thing I have to do that I am failing at. I shy away from the phrase “self-love” (but of course that is what we are really talking about), because some of things we identify as “love”, are NOT love. When we attempt to reflect those things inward, they don’t make sense. Hollowness, disorientation, overwhelm, and a foreign language-like encounter of confusion/helplessness/frustration are common experiences for people reckoning with self-love. It can turn us off and shut down our efforts before they get started. We are so unfamiliar with both self and love that it becomes easier to default to what we know – to those things which provide scaffolding for our identity, all the outside things that depend on us or that we believe depend on us. The lie is that self-care takes away from the rest of your life and will deprive others of what they need. The truth is that self-care gives life. Self-care revitalizes our parts, gives life to our bones, makes us better able to manage our lives, and REALLY love. Self-care cultivates self-love. When we... read more

Of DACA and Miss Celie…

Most days, my gaze is fixed, with contentment and certainty, on continuous applied activism – imparting peace, love, and compassion through my self-care, work, parenting, community, etc., in opposition to the evil works of the foul-hearted. Some days, I waver in my contentment, my spirit is incensed and I want to lose myself in a righteous bloodlust aimed to exterminate cruelty. There have been more of the “some days” than I care to admit, in the last nine months. This morning I woke with a heart heavy with awareness of the many ways the vulnerable among us are having protections removed and their predators encouraged…empowered. I am tempted to hate the perpetrators, the complicit, the lazy, and the enabling. I am tempted to “fix” them. I am tempted to vomit foul words on everyone who looks like them. I am tempted to pray prayers for their painful affliction. I am tempted… It is in my scramble for prayer intentions that I am made aware that my heart is being baited/led, not into a temptation of pleasure, but a temptation to hate. The indulgence of which leads to ugliness and leads to death – not for the evil foul-hearted – but for my heart, my peace, my body, and what I am cultivating for my generations to inherit. However, in my wavering contentment, I am never moved from my certainty. White Supremacist Heteropatriarchy has been marching toward its death since its inception. Its purpose; to take with it as many of us as possible. It is without regard, has long arms, and is cannibalistic – it will eat its own. But... read more

Street Advice

Greetings good people. In recent months, I have noticed an increase in the number of requests I have been receiving for what I call “street advice”.  Common questions, like: What should I use for headaches? What is _____ good for? What can I use for insomnia? Are there any herbs for cramps? I have trouble with _____? Is black cohosh good for ______? What is ginger used for?…and so on. Usually, these questions are asked in passing, social gatherings and on social media. The difficulty of answering these questions in these settings is the missing variables and the time to relieve any plant’s appropriate application. I have to contain my enthusiasm when people ask, but take a conservative approach, especially if the question is about an individual’s specific health concern. There are a multitude of uses for any given plant – physiological and energetic. Some of their applications are nuanced and their effects can be influenced by lifestyle factors and other therapies. Furthermore, not everyone responds the same way to all plants. What may work for one person’s constitution may be ineffective for another. Consider Valerian Root; a plant widely recommended for sleep concerns, for good reason as it is a powerful nervine, antispasmodic, sedative, muscle & tension relaxant and pain reliever. However, Valerian does have a short-term stimulant effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. For some people this stimulation is lasting, resulting in the opposite of the desired sedative effect. More often than not, most people will purchase a bottle of capsules from the supplement aisle of their grocer. This is problematic in a few ways: 1)... read more