Medicinal Plant Education

I offer community and private group classes in which I cover a wide range of topics surrounding the use of plants for internal, therapeutic and ritual uses. Classes are offered for various skill and interest levels: novice, comprehensive, and advanced. Advanced instruction is, typically, reserved for one-on-one or small group (2-3 people) settings.

Classes are held at locations in the Denver Metropolitan Area. I also offer opportunities for wild-crafting throughout Colorado.

One of the first lessons I received as a student of traditional healing is to use what grows around us before incorporating foreign remedios. This lesson is at the heart of my private practice and the teachings I offer.

  • Learn first about the plants that grow natively in your bioregion. They endure the same changes and environmental conditions you do. They breathe the same air and have their feet(roots) in the same soil as you. These plants are in sync with our rhythms. Physiologically, they respond to environmental stressors by producing chemicals that strengthen their ability to thrive in those conditions – the same conditions they share with us. We benefit from their natural responses when we involve them in our healing process.


  • The tools we need to facilitate our healing are “at hand” or “at foot”. The exercise of learning and gathering the medicines that grow around us reconnects us to our home, history,  the present and a hope for the future. I encourage you to explore your ancestral history with plant medicines and healing practices – to reclaim them and implement them into your work with botanical remedies. Allow them to inform your intentions and your next-steps – to give your understanding of plant medicines…well, roots.

You can find out more about community classes by signing up for our mailing list and visiting the Events and Blog sections of the website. Or you may contact me directly at to book private classes for your group, one-on-one teaching sessions, and classes outside of the Denver area.