letitia salazar monk


To make it plain:

I am an herbalist. I work with a diverse clientele to resolve various physical and emotional concerns with the support of botanical allies. I support others through their healing journey. I do this through consultations, bodywork, herbal formulations, doula work, and classes on the safe and appropriate uses of medicinal plants.

I began this blessed journey, approximately 20 years ago, studying with a Curandera (traditional folk and spiritual healer) in my native New Mexico for several years, learning the work of the sobada, yerbas, the platica and El Epiritu. I completed a certification in Massage Therapy from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado. I have two Bachelors’ Degrees from Metropolitan State University of Denver: Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Latin American History/Anthropology and Biology with in emphasis in Botany.

I’ve studied medicinal plants in informal and professional settings with specific training in Women’s Botanical Medicine – this includes menstruation, fertility, birth & postpartum support and menopause. I am a DONA trained Doula.

I have 9 years of clinical experience – both in my private practice and in Denver apothecaries. My clientele is primarily based in the Denver Metro Area, with others spread throughout the United States.

I was introduced to plant medicines and ancestral healing ways as an emergent adult. I am from New Mexico where the tradition of Curanderismo remains strong; my teacher, culture, ethnic heritage, spirituality and geography gave shape and definition to my own healing path and the call to be of service to others.  This call coupled with my compulsion for learning has carried me through my undergraduate education, Massage/Sobada, Western Herbal Medicine, Women’s Botanical Medicine, Botany, gardening/farming and an unending investigation into the ethnobotanical heritage of my ancestral lineage.


I am based in Denver, Colorado – traveling regularly, domestically and internationally, learning the natural growth habits of the plants I work with and connecting with other medicine folk. Most days I am steeped in plant medicines – wildcrafting, medicine-making, connecting with clients, teaching classes, playing in the dirt, and the everlasting pursuit of learning and growth.

I am co-garden leader for the Eastside Growers Collective, an independent community garden committed to providing a growing space for the exercise of growing practices indigenous to members of the surrounding community and supporting sustainable, equitable food access efforts. I, also, dedicate time to the Denver Health Doula Program.

I relish every opportunity to work with others on their own healing path and to learn from others working with plant medicines. The plants, while not the source, are companions in our healing. For me, their medicine is infused into all of my adventures – family, community, education, travel (another wonderful compulsion) and faith. Every consultation, every client, every student and every protocol bring new joys and new lessons. Mostly, I love how my life with plants allows me to share a little of the love, compassion, and inheritance I have been given.

I am grateful.