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Letitia Salazar Monk, green & brown BOTANICA

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“The plants, while not the source, are companions in our healing.”

Letitia Monk Salazar, green & brown BOTANICA

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Letitia Monk Salazar, green & brown BOTANICA

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First Day in the Garden

This year’s Colorado spring has been wonky (not that wonky springs are unusual here), we’ve had more snow than rain and a less than usual amount of sunshine. It’s been downright cold and dreary = S.A.D., especially when I my healthcare plan includes playing in the dirt and wondering around in the hills. I have been able to snatch a momentary hike and gather some dandelions, but April was a doozy!   The GOOD news is that today I got a whole hour at Eastside Garden; a groovy community garden I am privileged to co-lead (but more about that another time). Mostly, day 1 (and 2, 3, 4…) is about cleaning up the from the fall and waking up the soil, but I was greeted by dandelions galore with a bounty of bees, gorgeous green rue, and a seasons-old purple sage plant that has doubled in size! Not to mention all the calendula babies that will no doubt bring brilliance. The overwintered collards (reminding me how we make it through) and happy onions tell of unending providence.   But, with all those ancient medicines to ground me and, along with the soil, provide some much needed energetic cleansing, there were challenges. I had to pull away detritus, tangled under-growing weeds, and dead heads. In the soil, stones clanged against my pickax and it rattled through my bones. My body didn’t immediately remember the proper mechanics. My knees weren’t used to the pebbles, my back muscles twinged (as if they have been neglected all winter), I sneezed a lot, and sweated more. I tell you what, though…when I stood up from... read more