Private consultations are the heart of my work with medicinal plants. This is where intersections happen, where ritual and tradition overlap with empirical knowledge, and where the triune-self (mind, body and spirit) is invited into harmony. We take our time discussing your health history and current concerns – we will make the missing connections and unfold the underlying causes of your current concerns.

Consultations are for anyone interested in exploring the use of medicinal plants, adding botanical therapies as a complement to conventional treatment plans, and those interested in leaning into botanical therapies in a comprehensive way.

We will burn sage, drink tea and develop a protocol or plan for accomplishing your goals and establish a framework for addressing acute concerns as they may arise for you and your family. Protocols typically include tea and tincture blends and may include plant brushings, herbal baths, bodywork, nutritional recommendations, and so on according to your needs. We will bring you home, back into your body and look at how to take the next steps. While the nature of the consultation is to cultivate the support for whole person healing, we do not neglect the acute concerns that also reflect a picture of whole person well-being.

Herbal consultations are the best way to learn about botanical therapies for you and your family. Working with a professional makes the difference between selecting inert, prepackaged herb capsules that offer no healing support and custom formulations made from unadulterated, organic, ethically harvested plants whose constituents are bioavailable for your healing.

Everyone is unique. My teacher impressed upon me the importance of honoring each individual and their unique healing journey. Every plant is different and everyone responds differently; and while there may be a hundred herbs on the shelves, there will be a select few allies for your concerns. Your lifestyle, health history, personal circumstances and goals are specific to your personal journey. I have worked with many people who are disillusioned by conventional medicine or their current therapeutic options, and feel they have run out of options or are looking for new direction. The consultation reveals new options and encourages you on your own path.

If you have a specific concern, feel free to contact me about plant support available to you. Here is a less-than-exhaustive list of my clinical experience:

acute and chronic ailments, allergies, anemia, arthritis, asthma, blood pressure, child/infant ailments, depression, detox, eczema/skin concerns, energy, fertility, first aid (bits, burns, etc.), grief/loss, headaches, hypoglycemia, IBS/Crohn’s/colitis, immune support, insomnia/sleep quality, liver support, menopause symptoms, menstruation (discomfort, regulation, PMS, etc.), miscarriage, digestive/elimination concerns, pain, postpartum (including post-abortion support), pregnancy/breastfeeding, respiratory health, throat/mouth issues, stress, transitions, travel related concerns, urinary issues, vaginal health, viral/bacterial/fungal infections, etc.


The logistics:

Initial consultations are $70, this includes the 90 min consultation and personalized herbal protocol (herbal formulas are an additional expense – I can give you an estimate during our intake process); follow-up appointments are $30.

Recommendations for acute concerns, not requiring a full consultation, are $20

Package options:

Initial consultation + 1 follow-up appointment = $90

4 follow-up consultations = $100

Referral incentive = Waived follow-up fee for each new client you refer.

Consultations are scheduled 2-3 weeks in advanced. Once we schedule the appointment, I will email intake forms to you, which will need to be returned prior to our meeting.

I request a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. There is a cancellation fee of $25 if less than 24 hours’ notice is given.

To schedule an appointment or discuss other personalized services email me at