Women's Work

It is a great joy and sacred work to wear the mantel of womanhood. Women’s Work is at the heart of my practice. It is the work of blood, birth, and rebirth. Connecting with our bodies and souls allows us to know ourselves, learn our capacity, to find our voice, and ability to create – create life and the life we are called to. Thankfully, we are given tools, companions, and plant medicines to support us.

We do not have to do alone.

Art credit: maryannfarley.etsy.com

Our society is primed to impart messages of imperfection and self-doubt upon our arrival. We are taught that our bodies and our gifts are for consumption and exploitation. We learn that things like menstrual dysfunction is normal (“just part of being a woman”) and our inner-world is without value (taking care of and advocating for ourselves is selfish). As a result, we live half-way outside of our bodies – surviving instead of thriving. Healing can begin at any moment.

I believe, we benefit deeply when we are guided to cultivate our connection to our bodies, our intuition, our medicine, and our Spirit-life that is the source of our identity, strength and healing.  In my work with women of all ages, we focus on knowing ourselves, learning language and tools for healthy self-expression, and building the importance of self-care.

We are born to give birth. We give birth to others and to ourselves, repeatedly. Through our sisterhood, we are doulas and midwives (parteras) assisting each other through the pangs and triumphs. My work is to honor our bodies and our spirits through the day-to-day and major transitions. This means working with our blood cycles, contraception choices, preparation for pregnancy, gestation, birth or loss, and postpartum convalescence.

*Note: Birth and loss support are specialty services that are priced on a case-by-case basis.

Before we know it, we are the elders, the grandmothers, the wisdom keepers. Our medicine becomes potent and the knowing of our innocent years reemerges – coupling with the depth of experience and broadness of vision. Of course, this is all wrapped in unusual changes in our bodies.

Our rebirthing continues well beyond the cessation of our childbearing years.